There is a REASON

  • your voice is failing you by the 2nd service
  • your soft notes are falling apart
  • it hurts to hit those high notes
  • you’re still frustrated with your voice
  • & why it’s all getting in the way

…and it’s NOT what you’ve been told

Its not your fault you don't sing better

And I only know because I’m the worlds top vocal guinea pig

Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder

          • Creator of The Voice Club Method
          • Lifelong professional vocalist
          • Recording artist
          • Commercial voice talent
          • 25yr broadcasting talent, writer & producer
          • Professional vocal coach & vocal repair specialist

I struggled with my voice even though I was performing for hundreds before kindergarten.

Even though my mom was a classical vocal teacher & I had access to some of the best coaches in every approach throughout my life.

Even though by 15 I started making my living as a professional singer, a professional session vocalist, a commercial voice talent and a worship leader/singer.


I struggled with people wanting to pay me to teach them to sing…knowing that everything I’d ever paid to learn ended in frustration and giving up.


It turns out THE REAL PROBLEM is not our VOICE.

It’s that EVERYONE trying to help us has gotten it all WRONG.

Sound crazy?? 

I’d think so too if it weren’t for what happened to me that no singer in written history has ever experienced.


My professional career ended abruptly after a simple outpatient procedure.

It took nearly dying of end stage septic shock, pancreatitis, brain damage, and the destruction of my vocal anatomy TWICE, to begin tosee what has been going on all along.

I got the only known opportunity to literally, physically test everything I’d learned, experienced and struggled with

against everything medical science knows about the voice to this point (&, shockingly, it ain’t much).

If I had RELIED ON the teaching OR the medical view, I WOULD NEVER HAVE SPOKEN AGAIN.

ask them 'why'

I was supposed to die anyway. 

So I embraced the rare opportunity to physically PROVE the difference between what was true…or just ‘believed’ about what a voice could really DO.


What I discovered taught me how repair my own ‘unrepairable’ voice TWICE and has since help others recover, unlock and unleash what their voices were never before ALLOWED to do.


& see how I TESTED the 2 TOP singing 'MUST DO’s

What if your voice could do WAAAY more than you ever believed?

I teach & PROVE what no one else does.

Because you deserve to know:

          • Just how much YOUR voice is capable of,
          • WHY it’s not doing it,
          • How to TEST singing tips and training for yourself,
          • & ultimately how to protect, unlearn & unleash it to be the source of JOY it was always meant to be.
The Voice Club - for singers only

What Else I Do

Empower you with videos, podcasts and other downloadable resources


 I know what it’s like to spend everything most people can’t or won’t just to find answers..and still feel stupid in the end.

I love answering your questions, sharing inspiration that will draw you to take action and experience the true joy of the gift you have…and probably don’t even see yet.

You can learn to master your own voice, and know HOW you did it.

I’m here to show you how.


Workshops & Conferences

I work with churches and other non-profits to provide totally unique, results-based workshops and conference break outs.

My FREE LIVE Vocal Bootcamps show singers and leaders how to identify their biggest obstacles…and how let go of what put them there, fast.

Workshops & Clinics are always customized to the needs of the group.

Topics have included:

  • advanced vocal training,
  • team vocal dynamics
  • stage work
  • the unique requirements of worship vocals
  • harmony and memorization skills

…and always include answers for every question…until they shut off the lights. (it happens)

Private Vocal Coaching

I coach a select number of singers at a time through live online video lessons comprised of:

  • BRAIN TRAINING: Completely unique education on their personal voice
  • BRAIN-BODY TRAINING: Highly tailored vocal training workouts specific to the next stage of growth
  • MASTERY SKILLS: The tools to test to see if it’s working, plus
  • PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Customized professional prep as desired for performances leading &/or recording.

Worship Leader Review

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