There is a REASON you’re not happy with how you sing

…& it’s NOT your VOICE’s fault

Its not your fault you don't sing better

…the PROBLEM is that everything you’ve been told was WRONG

Kim Snyder

I struggled with my voice my entire life…

…even while I was a professional singer

It turns out I’m not alone.

And neither are you.

  – Kim Snyder

  • Creator of The Voice Club Method
  • Professional session & live performer
  • Union voice talent and 25yr broadcasting talent

But unlike me, you don’t need to waste nearly $100,000

paying to learn everything out there

only to end up with more questions than answers.

Because I’ve discovered what NO ONE knew about your voice

…and it’s gonna blow your mind.

See how I PROVED

the 2 BIGGEST singing 'DO's

(pretty sure you're doing them)

actually do NOTHING!

The Voice Club - for singers only


To show YOU what’s REALLY behind WHY you don’t sing better

…and HOW to finally UNLOCK & ENJOY that voice like you were designed to!

(without ever having to rely on singing lessons again)



DOWNLOAD The Mega Mix Meltdown and see WHY we’re all still asking the same questions & start learning HOW to tell the TRUTH from the myths & marketing behind 90+% of all singing advice.


What We Do

Empower Singers Like You with FREE Training

I created The Voice Club as advocate for singers…not teachers or lessons.

I know what it’s like to spend everything most people can’t or won’t just to find the truth about what my voice can do…and still feel stupid.

You can learn to master your own voice….and know HOW you did it..

And why everything you’ve tried until now just doesn’t stick.


Workshops & Conferences

I work with churches and other non-profits to provide totally unique, results-based workshops and conference break outs.

My FREE LIVE Vocal Bootcamps show singers and leaders how to identify their biggest obstacles…and how let go of what put them there, fast.

Workshops & Clinics are always customized to the needs of the group.

Topics have included:

  • advanced vocal training,
  • team vocal dynamics
  • stage work
  • the unique requirements of worship vocals
  • harmony and memorization skills

…and always include answers for every question…until they shut off the lights. (it happens)

Private Vocal Coaching

I coach a select number of singers at a time through online weekly video lessons comprised of:

  • BRAIN TRAINING: Completely unique education on their personal voice
  • BRAIN-BODY TRAINING: Highly tailored vocal training workouts specific to the next stage of growth
  • MASTERY SKILLS: The tools to test to see if it’s working, plus
  • PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Customized professional prep as desired for performances leading &/or recording.


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