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I love this time of year. As a kid I always looked forward to the start of a new school year, because it brought with it the promise of learning something new. And then there’s the brand new stationery – gleaming white pages and freshly sharpened pencils. Call me a geek if you like, but I love a new beginning!
This feeling has stayed with me into adulthood. Autumn is the time of year when I want to buckle down and learn something new; try harder, be better, run faster (well, maybe not run).
That’s why I love teaching at The Voice Club. Right now, my students and I are re-visiting our 2014 goals and assessing how much vocal progress we’ve made so far this year.
This is one of the things which sets The Voice Club apart from other vocal teachers.
Other teachers won’t set goals with their students – because they don’t know how to help the students achieve those goals.
At The Voice Club, our certified instructors have a deep understanding of the anatomy of the voice, how it works and, crucially, WHY things are happening in the voice to prevent you reaching your full potential. We always share the WHY with our students, so that they grow in their understanding of their voice, and then we equip them with tools uniquely designed to tackle the challenges they are facing.
We take this unique approach because it’s worked for us, and we love to help other singers break down barriers and reach their vocal potential.
Before I started training at The Voice Club, I went from teacher to teacher, asking the same questions about my voice and never feeling like they had been properly answered. I went to college, hoping that I would come out with an amazing ‘diva’ voice, but after three years (and a lot of money!) I graduated with the same vocal problems I had on day one.
Here’s what I found from my very first session at The Voice Club:

  1. My questions were answered.

No more excuses about why more voice wasn’t getting stronger, no more clichés (“Rome wasn’t built in a day”), just straightforward, honest answers which came from a place of real understanding about the voice.

  1. Someone understood my pain.

At The Voice Club, we know what it’s like to have vocal issues – including serious vocal damage – and feeling like no-one can help. We’ve been there. We know how important your voice is to you, and we treasure its uniqueness. We won’t give you platitudes or false sympathy, because we know that empty words don’t solve vocal problems.

  1. My session was tailored to my voice and my personal experience

Many other teachers give out scales and exercises that they were taught as students, in the hope that they’ll work for you. When they don’t – who is at fault? I always thought it was me! At The Voice Club, we know everyone’s voice is unique, so every student’s workout is unique to their voice. We get results because we treat the problem at hand with the correct solution, every time.

  1. My vocal workout actually worked!

I was given two exercises to do after my first session. Frankly, I thought that was a bit lightweight. I had paid for pro-level vocal training and here I was with two measly exercises? 10 minutes a day, three times a week? That’s IT?!
Well, yes. From the moment I started doing that workout, I noticed changes in my voice. The tone of my voice changed, it was more comfortable to sing, and notes were just popping out with such ease I was amazed. Like I said, we treat the problem at hand with the correct solution, because we know your voice is as individual as you are.
So if you’re looking to learn something new this fall, check out our training options at The Voice Club. Prices start from just $45, and we promise, you’ll never look back.
Naomi Bignell is The Voice Club’s European Managing Instructor. She specialises in pop, classical, Broadway, standards and contemporary worship. Naomi teaches on the Basic and Advanced training programs, and offers sessions in the Vocal Repair Clinic. In addition to teaching at The Voice Club, Naomi is a professional voice talent and singer/songwriter.

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