Am I a Real Singer?

So you love to sing.

You WANT to sing.

But about the time you’re ready to see just how good you can get, someone says something or your own doubt sets in and you decide…

“Maybe I’m just not a REAL singer.”


What if you’re wrong?




First, let’s just get the obvious but big trippers outa the way.


A “SINGER” is someone who sings.

That’s it. 

It doesn’t mean someone ‘super good’ or someone ‘especially talented’. 

It doesn’t have anything to do with degrees or experience. 

If you sing, you know you’re a singer. 

If you sing enough that people know you like to sing, other people will know you are a singer.

We’ve waaaaaaaay overcomplicated this one.


A “PROFESSIONAL singer” is someone who get’s paid to sing.


When is the last time you heard someone on the radio and thought “I could do better than THAT?”

You probably can. 

There are many people who make money singing who aren’t the best singers in the world. 

Some of them are incredible.  And some are….better at other things.


Either way, you can guarantee there will always be someone who sings better than you. 

Big deal!

That’s true about 99.9% of everything in life! 


It doesn’t keep people from becoming doctors or lawyers. 

So why should it hold you back as a singer?



But here’s what we usually REALLY mean…


“Am I a GOOD singer?”

Ahhhh.  There’s the trap.

“Good” means different things to different people based on an ever-moving scale of qualifications.  

Even our own definition of a ‘good’ singer can change several times per day. 



This is the most useless question a singer can ask.


If it cannot be accurately defined, it cannot be attained.

It’s a lose-lose.   You cannot benefit from it in any way.


So let’s agree that you won’t ask this one ever again.

The #1 reason we don’t move on from here

One word: misinformation.


Unfortunately, there are boat-loads of it out there & you’ve been swimming in it your whole life. 

That’s why The Voice Club was created: to be a lighthouse of truth in a sea of outdated, unhelpful and sometimes harmful information.


There is a way that any singer at any level can easily learn to prevent damage, control vibrato, gain strength & range, and start proving it by Sunday.


  • Remember every ‘dumb’ question you’ve ever pushed down
  • Forget every bit of singing advice you’ve ever had
  • If you want to sing better, get a better coach.  Singing more will not do it.
  • Remember that singing teachers and vocal coaches work for YOU
  • Learn how your vocal anatomy works so you can tell the myths from truths


  • Ask every question and expect an answer with an example that you can actually use to see a benefit
  • Qualify the advice: Did it make sense?  Did I get something to try that gave me a result? 
  • It takes 100 times longer to sing better with a bad coach, if at all…but you’ll probably give up way before then
  • You should expect both to learn something helpful & get a tool that helps you do something better from your first session with a good coach.  Growth should begin day 1.
  • The reason you found this is because you want to SING!  Good training gets you to the JOY of SINGING FASTER.

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