Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment.
You’re back in school, you’ve discovered you love to sing, so you ask your parents for singing lessons.
After some delay (could be weeks, months or years, depending on the parents!) they find a local singing teacher in the Yellow Pages and you turn up eagerly for your first lesson, all ready to be molded into the next Whitney/Celine/Michael Jackson.
Your new singing teacher digs out their favorite classical aria and tells you it would be perfect for your voice. Thus your classical training begins.
You assume at some point you will start learning the songs you want to sing, but your teacher is so enthusiastic about your beautiful classical voice that you assume they know best and keep learning the repertoire they select for you.
You try to apply what you’ve learned in your singing lessons to some of your favorite pop, soul or musical theater songs, but somehow it all comes out sounding like a classical aria.
What’s wrong?
The problem is that you have learned how to STYLE a classical song, without the solid vocal technique which allows you to sing any song, any style, with ease and magnificent diva flair.
Styling is how we dress up a song with vocal tools so that the ear identifies your unique style and the genre of the song.  Technique is the building of the machine that gets the song up and running so you can dress it up and take it out for people to hear.
The problem is that few singing teachers know much about really building the machine, opting instead for a long list of repetitive list of vocal exercises before they launch you into styling a song.  And, in their defense, most of them don’t know that they’re locking you in that box because they don’t really understand the difference for themselves.
True vocal technique training it is the education of the mind and the voice based on the anatomy of the voice.  It includes careful crafting of exercises to develop the muscles that work the vocal chords.
The problem is that not all ‘exercises’ are created equal.
You can drive your car around in a circles until you run out of gas.  Your speedometer will tell you you’ve covered quite a bit of ground even though you haven’t really gotten anywhere.  Unfortunately many of the singers we meet feel like that’s what their singing lessons have done for them.
It takes the right approach to the right problem to gain ground.  Knowing what to do with your voice when, and most importantly WHY, is the process that’s missing in the wide majority of vocal instruction.
If the way you’re approaching singing hasn’t gotten you much closer to your goals, it’s time to take a new approach.
At The Voice Club we train your voice so that it can sing ANY style you choose, even if you change your style more often than Pandora adds channels.
A well trained, balanced voice is like a well trained athlete who can play several sports.  The basis of The Voice Club’s ‘Better, FASTER’ method is to get you trained fast to develop your own unique style of singing, underpinned by solid, healthy technique.
In a day of teaching, we could be working on a classical aria, Broadway song, pop power ballad and keynote speech, and that’s just before lunch.
You CAN break out of that classical box. And come back and visit it anytime you like.  We help singers do it every day.
To check out our training options click here or email Naomi to ask a specific question about your voice.

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