How to Sing God Bless America – avoiding voice cracks and bad notes

How do you sing God Bless America ‘better, faster’?
Master vocal coach Kim Snyder from The Voice Club walks you through the song, word by word, unveiling high level tips to make it sound better than ever.
Learn the story behind this patriotic favorite and how a song written during the rise of Nazi Germany is more relevant today than ever before.
Find the perfect key, sing with power, never run out of breath and add the X-factor that very few singers ever do.
Learn to sing this old classic, initially revived by Celine Dion after 9/11 and make it the most powerful national anthem ever.
The Star Spangled Banner (The National Anthem) Live vocal session:

How to Sing Patriot Songs ‘better-faster’ SERIES:

God Bless America
America the Beautiful
God Bless the USA
My Country Tis of Thee
WHAT LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE TEACHES SINGERS..even the pro’s: how to actually master your own voice and know HOW you did it. That’s what The Voice Club Method does (because you deserve to finally know)

How do YOU sing The National Anthem? – The Voice Club

Here are some take away tips you can use to start singing (and styling) better…faster!
  • Sing the STORY, not the song
  • Don’t copy what you’ve heard unless & until you’ve asked yourself WHY you’re doing that thing you’ve heard
  • There will always be someone who sings better than you BUT no one can tell a story from your perspective but you
  • Even if you could copy perfectly, why would you want to be a ‘good sound-alike’ when you could be the original?
  • Styling tools (trills, runs, big hold notes, dynamics, power, etc.) are bling without substance  if you don’t why you’re using them
  • Just because someone else does something cool somewhere in a song does not mean that’s the only great thing to do there: find something that highlights YOUR voice.


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