Open auditions for any choir or worship team and you’ll run into them; singers who just aren’t sure they’re good enough to sing from the stage and those who are convinced that they are God’s embodied gift to music in the church.
The problem is that both of them think they’re there for the singing.
Yes, I’m aware that singing is a what you do at one of those auditions, and I know there are plenty of both of these types of singers in the choir and on the worship team and maybe even a music leader leading you to believe that singing in the church is all about your talent, or the measure thereof. But it’s not.
There is only ONE venue in which your ability as a singer takes the second chair; and that is the church.  And because most singers don’t know this exception to the rule, they never find the satisfaction they’re looking for when they sing in the church.
The insecure singer is only made more insecure by watching what they believe to be better singers snatching up all the solos and even the diva can never quite get enough stage time to fulfill their need for praise. That’s because singing in the church is not at all about you, or your ability.

So if your skill level is not the most important thing, what is?
Your audience.

Unlike any other venue you could sing in, in the church there is only one audience member that counts; God. After all, it’s His place, not yours.
And you’re not singing for His amusement or because He didn’t have anyone better booked that day.  You’re there to carry the great responsibility of offering a gift to God himself on behalf of everyone in the seats and on the stage.
And when your gift; your song, reaches His ears, you don’t have to worry about how flashy the packaging is or even if it’s on key (that’s really more for us, and He gets that). You just have to be able to look Him in the eye and offer it to Him from your heart.
Sounds simple, but it can be tougher than pullin’ off a high C at full force for 4 measures in front of a crowd of thousands. And that’s probably why, when done with the correct perspective, singing in the church can be more fulfilling than singing any other place.
The largest crowd I’ve sung for was around 500,000. It was a blast. It was great to hear a sea of applause, but honestly…no lie; I’d take the joy of singing in the church any day over it.

Don’t diss the opportunity to sing in your church. You might discover an opportunity to sing different styles of music than you’re used to.
You might improve your ability to harmonize, or at least to work with other moody musicians! But more importantly, you’ll miss that chance to experience why the angels just can’t stop singing; the joy of performing for the most important audience ever.

Share your experiences singing in the church below!

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