In short…


But you’re not the only one.

In fact MOST people who have spent hundreds on singing lessons can’t definitively point to one thing their voice can do dramatically better because of them. 

So what’s going on? 

Is it your fault…or theirs?


Here’s the REAL Shock

Medical scientific study of the voice and vocal instruction parted ways almost 50 years ago!

How do you know if you’ve gotten badly outdated advice? 

After the last lesson, workshop or conference you attended:

  • Were you more deflated afterwards? 
  • Did you do what was asked but never really see obvious results
  • Did you end up feeling like the problem is probably just you
  • Did you tell other singers what you learned but have a hard time explaining it or proving it worked?


Is it any surprise our ‘vocal education’ isn’t doing what we need?

So why don’t they all just ‘catch up’ with the science and give us what we really need?
There are some incredibly wonderful, well-meaning, voice-caring people at all levels of vocal education that still teach outdated, useless information. 
It’s not because they don’t care.
It’s because (in most cases) they don’t KNOW.
How do we know that? 
Because we regularly hear from people sometimes with multiple degrees who were never taught the truth science has known about your voice for DECADES.

I spent over 2 decades trying to figure out why the whole mess is so confusing.
And it wasn’t until I made my way to the top vocal surgeon specializing in the singing voice that I found someone educated and honest enough to admit that there’s no benefit for them to know. (more)

I’ve heard it straight from the sources:

They don’t believe you CAN be taught to master your own voice (I hear this one constantly)

If it could be done, they don’t TRUST you with that kind of information (direct quotes from several sources)

If they did, it would be overwhelmingly expensive to change all of the training materials they’ve used for years.

And to top it all off, it would cut into profits dramatically, because the vocal education system is built on the myth that it takes months of lessons to see any change then years to get the voice in shape for real.


Would you hire a gym coach who told you that? 

That’s EXACTLY why we DO what no one else will do.
We’ve done the work, we’ve tested it on dozens of voices and the results are:
Our singers are capable of much more than they ever thought they would.

Don’t you deserve to be in control of the only voice you’ll ever have?


It all begins in knowing enough of the truth so you can know who should, and shouldn’t have access to your voice. 


And you can do it for FREE 

Take advantage of all our free resources.

Start learning for yourself

how to ask the right questions

what you have the right to expect

& how to spot the most dangerous teachers of all.

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What we do is DIFFERENT  

….REALLY different.

The Voice Club was not designed to sell you singing stuff. 

For over a decade we’ve been a source of unique, high level, custom tools every singer needs, but just doesn’t have access to. 

We provide a ton of free training through our website, podcasts, videos and free singers Facebook Group (for those who interact, not browse).  We also provide free live Vocal Bootcamp workshops for churches.

For those who want more in-depth training we have a library of results-oriented, fun-packed courses we call THE VOICE CLUB ACADEMY.

And because our goal was to put this information into the hands of every singer, not just the ones with managers

we purposefully price everything we do at least 50-90% below comparable high level vocal coaching services (who only do a portion of what we do.)

Created by a professional singer, certified vocal coach  and vocal repair specialist, The Voice Club Method has become

the single largest source of scientifically proven, voice revolutionizing information designed to

give the power back to the singers


the only voice you’ll ever have,

Learn to uncover your vocal potential from a source that actually makes that happen for singers like you every day.


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