The Reason Professional Singers Have Vocal Issues

It’s no surprise that the more you sing the more opportunities you have for things to go wrong in the voice.

Any typically minor bad habit will begin to take it’s toll on the voice after hours of practice or rehearsal & regular shows, services or gigs.

Sadly, the more a singer works, the less likely they are to seek out solutions for the things they feel or hear as ‘off’. And it’s generally not until there’s diagnosed vocal damage that an experienced vocal coach becomes a priority.


But the right training can PREVENT so many voice-stopping conditions.

And, in my experience, vocal surgery can be completely avoided in many cases even after a diagnosis.

 And it’s not just the vocal wear & tear…

The truth is, 90% of popular training methods & techniques either do nothing, cause irritation, result in new bad habits or just plain damage the voice.

And the more we develop our signature sound, the less likely we are to even look for answers because we fear someone will change the sound that gets us work.


The Voice Club got me to the level to be accepted into the Los Angeles Music Academy.  I got a solid understanding of technique and style that's propelled me into a successful performance and recording career. Out of everyone that I have worked with they are the only one I would recommend for teaching multiple genres of music, for all ages and musical backgrounds.

Brianna Lee

The Missing Link

If you’re singing two or more hours a week between rehearsals and performances, the LAST thing you need to be doing is an hour a day of run-of-the-mill vocal exercises.

That’s like requiring a marathon runner to run a half marathon every day even on the day of the marathon!  You already know how to do THAT.

What we’re NOT given as high level singers, is BRAIN TRAINING so we know exactly what our voices can (& shouldn’t) handle, how to get what we WANT out of it & how to MASTER both the physical and stylistic options that have been waiting for you.

Just one problem: 

Unless you’re in the top 3% of earners for a major label, you don’t even have ACCESS to anything like that. (& when you do, no one’s gonna tell you how they got your voice how to do it either)     

Outside of customizations, I purposefully put the most important things I teach my professional & heavy use singers into The Voice Club Academy (& set the rate so low that some of my high level coach friends complained)

But that’s not why I created The Voice Club.

There is a wealth of free vocal education on the site. I answer questions in our free private FB group.

My passion is saving YOU 20+ yrs of searching to find nothing that was useful to a working singer that needed fast results.


That’s why we built it.

What we do is DIFFERENT  

….REALLY different.

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