Some vocal problems sneak up on you overtime until you realize you’ve lost partial or full use of your voice in some vocal activities.
This was the case for Htein Lin Aung.  It’s also the case for many singers, including a high level broadway singer I worked with.  There is a reason it happens.  There is also hope for repairing the damage that is the underlying cause for chronic hoarseness, cracking voice or laryngitis.

Htein Lin Aung asked:

I’m a person with frequent laryngitis because I have asthma as a natural gift so I cough one third of the year, especially in the winter.  Now I suffer from acute Laryngitis.  I cannot sing anymore.  Can you give me any advice?

And I answered by sharing details about:

  • My own experience with the damage of my voice and how I came back from the medical opinion that I would never speak or sing again.
  • What causes Laryngitis and other similar issues that can greatly impact the voice
  • How to know when it’s time to see a doctor and what you should be asking them
  • The difference between ENT’s, speech therapists and a trained vocal repair specialit
  • PLUS, a vocal exercise you can use to both assess the weak points in your voice and start gently getting the vocal muscles to move toward better vocal cord closure so you can start doing something to benefit your voice.

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My vocal damage story in song:

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