Please pass this episode on to all of your classical sounding singing friends….even if they like sounding that way.   Singers today want and need the flexibility to sing a variety of different styles of music without sounding like they’re a classical singer trying to sing (country, rock, etc.)
And there IS a way!  The problem is that even most highly degreed singing teachers have no clue that it can even be done.  In this episode I walk you understanding the difference between training the voice and training the style so you can learn to separate the two, even if your teacher can’t (or won’t).

Gabrielle asked:

I’m supposed to sing the national anthem at our local fair.  I have taken a couple of singing lessons but I’m having a hard time trying to sing it in a classical way that the teacher is teaching since I’m not used to singing that way.  Is that would be something I could get help for?

And I answered by sharing details about:

  • The two elements that should be taught by any instructor and why they’re just not taught
  • What kind of instruction you need to sing any song well, in the style you want
  • How styling tools can take any song and make it unique to your voice

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Listen to Episode 9 where I talk specifically about how to find the right training and show an example of developing your unique style.
  • 7 Steps to Successful Styling – if you want my step by step guide to understanding vocal styling tools (from the product store of my studio)

My guide on how to sing the National Anthem better every time:

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