Hearing your voice crack can undermine any speaker or singer.  Why does it happen?  And, more importantly, what can be done about it?
Voice talent/voiceover coaches train on delivery, not on care for the voice so they can’t help on this one.  Most singing teachers don’t know how to effectively address this either.
So I’m going to put on my vocal repair clinician hat to break down the causes and remedies for Mark’s question:

Mark asked:

I’m just getting started as a voice talent and working on my demo but I find my voice is cracking when I’m in the studio.  How can I get it to sound as good there as it does at home?

And I answered by sharing details about:

  • The main causes for a voice that cracks in the studio (or on stage)
  • How to prepare your voice in a way that prevents cracks
  • What to do in the studio to minimize cracks
  • PLUS, 2 great vocal exercises to keep your pipes piping hot

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Exercises & Resources Mentioned:

  • The bubble slide:  fingers push up the bottom lip, blow a raspberry (like a baby does) and fall forward from the waist as the tone goes up
  • “Aw” slide down or ‘the yawn’: make the sound you would sinking down into a comfy chair at the end of a long day.  This is relaxed and unattached to any notes.
  • organic-throat-coat-teaThroat Coat Tea: slippery elm and licorice bark/root are key to the effectiveness of this magic voice smoothing drink

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