EP008-ConfidenceonStageNervousness affects many more singers and speakers than you would ever imagine.  The difference between looking like a pro or an amateur is in how you follow the five steps I outline in my answer to Alex’s question.
Plus I share a singer you know but would never expect suffers from crippling stage fright.

Alex asked:

Do you have a video or something about how to increase your confidence level for different settings?  ie. on video, in front of a group of people, in the shower, etc.  Maybe it just comes naturally or with enough time and practice?  Or maybe it has nothing to do with vocal mechanics.  Just curious if you had any thoughts about this.

And I answered by sharing:

  • Why you always sound your best singing in the shower
  • Why nervousness affects our voice so much
  • What kinds of situations you can put yourself in to train confidence
  • The five keys to gaining the confidence of  pro;
  • 1) expect to be nervous,
  • 2) train to be good,
  • 3) train to have optionsm
  • 4) make a failure plan, and
  • 5) a super singing tip to start every song in a way that stabilizes the vocal muscles and prevents them from being affected by nerves
  • PLUS the story of how a famous singer deals with major stage fright

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A Stars Coping Mechanism for Stage Fright:
How many props can you count that she can touch, hold or use when her nerves kick in?


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