Nothing is more frustrating than spending money to get better at singing then, not getting better.  How do you know you’ve got the right vocal training for you?
I lay out the biggest reasons your training may not be helping your voice in my answer to Marina’s question.

Martina asked:

I’m a teenaged girl who has always wanted to sing really well.  So much that it emotionally distressed me at one point.  I have experience with music study and voice lessons but I really want to progress further adn leave this statues que.
I was wondering what is keeping me from progressing further.  Singing can be sometimes so hard to do at a subconscious level.  Mind you I have poor coordination and a lack of natural sense of pulse.  I think it would take scientific reasoning to make me better and overcome the limitation.  What should I do?

And I answered by sharing 6 things all good vocal training involves:

  1. Developing a strong HEALTHY voice
  2. Expanding/doubling the vocal range
  3. Develops your personal vocal style
  4. Always has a plan to get you to your next level
  5. Is easily understandable so you can put it into practice
  6. Should always encourage and answer your questions

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The Cover Song Challenge I gave my student (mentioned in the podcast):

(from the ‘singers like you’ critiques section of The Voice Club Academy

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