There is more vocal damage in singers today than ever before.  What causes pain and lack of control in your voice?  What about hoarseness and sore throats?  I answer these questions and more in response to Michael’s question.

Michael asked:

I’m a worship singer in New Jersey. I’ve been singing solos and duets for 3-4 years now but I have an issue with hoarseness and singing in my lower register.  But the problem I’ve noticed is a HUGE difference in my tone because of the hoarseness I’ve been having.Now I have a raspier voice and some days I sound so bad I just don’t go to worship practice, especially when I have to sing 4-5 songs every service.
My lower register sounds so dark, dull and boring and since I’m not too comfortable in my lower notes I get a sore throat after singing low. Even worse, I have to avoid head voice at all costs because I hat the way my head voice sounds.  It sounds like a yelling old lady or it’s so breathy you can’t hear it.
I need your help Kim!  I want to be able to feel confident in my WHOLE voice.  I need a technique that helps me get better tone in my whole voice so I can stop feeling like I’m forcing or pushing down to hit those low notes, and increasing my range.

And I answered by sharing details about:

  • What pain in the voice tells us
  • Signs of irritation or damage in the voice
  • Why the voice sounds like two different voices

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