Let’s face it, anyone can sing.  Granted some are better than others and some are a little worse than they give themselves credit for but science backs up the fact that 98% of us can sing at some level and have the ability to learn the muscle coordination to sing well.

So what makes you any different from any other singer?  What leaves some singers with the same five fans forever and a feeling like they’re always at the bottom of the singer pool when others become fast fan favorites and contest winners?

1) Focus Only on the Notes

Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but the actual singing has less to do with being a successful performer that you’d think.

Most singers spend most of their attention focused on reaching the right notes at the right time.  Granted, notes are important, but if you stop at notes, tempo and pitch you’ve barely scratched the surface of a song.

If you were to take two equally good singers there is one thing that would set them apart: how well they communicate when they sing. Because it’s not the notes that sell a song, it’s the story.

Are you a good story teller?  Do you make people feel what you feel in a song?  Back it up even more: do you feel the message of song yourself?  If you’ve said no to one or more of these questions it’s time to rethink how you view singing.

2) Get Lost in Your Own Little World

The surest way to let people know they’re not invited to be your fan or get into your music is to always be singing to yourself.  

You’ve seen them; singers with their eyes closed for a whole song or looking anywhere but at the audience.  They’re so captivated with their own performance that the audience gets the message to not disturb them.

If you want to sing for your own enjoyment, do it when you’re alone.  Everyone who loves to sing probably already does.  But when you’re singing for people, look at them, invite them to participate and let them know it’s for them.

3) Don’t Listen to What Others Think of Your Singing

No, you can’t please everyone, but if the only opinion of your singing you’re open to is your own you’re missing important information that will boost you from ‘just another singer’ to a singer people can’t wait to hear from.

Keep a running tally of the kinds of comments you hear most.  What are people noticing first about your singing?  Is it how energetic you are?  Do they feel a connection with they way you sing ballads?  Do they feel like you’re singing just to them?  These are great indicators that you’re connecting to your audience in a way that will result in product and ticket sales and a fast growing fan base.

If the bulk of your comments are all along the line of ‘you have a nice voice’ or ‘I liked that song’  you know that while you may be entertaining or impressing people, you’re not necessarily making fans that will buy your music and attend your shows over any other singer.


Make this the year that you take a serious look at how you can jump out of the pool full of singers and make your music something greater than ever.

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