Do you feel more confident as a singer because of it?

Do you understand your own voices obstacles and strengths better?

Do you feel in charge of your voice?

Do you know how to avoid mistakes before you get there?

If you answered ‘yes’,  congrats!
You probably didn’t waste your time or money.



But…what if you answered ‘no’?


Medical studies show that 98% of us are born with a vocal anatomy that is already functioning the same way a ‘natural born singer’ does from that very first cry.


(You GO, baby!)

So do we even need voice lessons?

Ideally, we shouldn’t, right?

Consider all the generations that got along just fine without them.

In corners of the world without access to western music or teaching people still think everyone can sing – and they have FUN doing it.


So what is it that’s messing up our voices?

The truth is WE have messed up our voices

  • We’ve messed them up by trying not to sound like ourselves
  • We’ve messed them up by believing anything literally anyone gives us as a ‘singing tip’
  • We’ve messed them up by buying on to training that was never proven to even do what we want.

And if by some chance we…

  • haven’t sang anything in a way that was really bad or habit forming
  • haven’t succeeded at trying to sound like someone else
  • and we haven’t bought into any advice that was wrong….



“A Natural Born Singer”

(Then we think we’re just naturally good…forever.)


But because we don’t understand what we were doing RIGHT

all it takes is one bad piece of advice

to take years off of even YOUR voice..…Kelly Clarkson.

Just sayin’.


The SOLUTION is to GET BACK (or keep)



HOW, you ask?

Weed out all that counterfeit advice like the FBI!

FBI agents wrote the book on how to find a counterfeit.

They don’t study the details of every new form of counterfeit. 

They just get really good at identifying the REAL THING.

Has anyone ever shown you how to do that?

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