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Private Training

Train Online with Master Vocal Coach & Vocal Repair Expert Kim Snyder

Private vocal training at The Voice Club is a master level, completely unique & weekly customized experience for singers at any level that are committed to learning to master their own voice.

immediate vocal results-thevoiceclub method does that

Brain Training

What if you could easily learn enough about your own unique abilities and obstacles to
  • know what’s causing what you don’t like
  • identify the first thing to do about it
  • and learn to make it automatic
so you could just ENJOY SINGING AGAIN?

Learn only what is scientifically PROVEN to work in your voice

How to TEST & PROVE any singing tip

ASK anything…& get measurable results


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What Real Training Looks Like:

No more boring scale & repetitious songs that do nothing to build what matters most.

Weekly custom workouts for your vocal machine

Fast, efficient, and built for even the busiest lifestyle, your workout is methodically designed each week to build physical strength, flexibility & coordination while fast tracking your knowledge of how to master your own voice.

Develop your unique voice in a song of your choice

Stop ‘rehearsing’ songs.  Learn how to systematically apply what your brain is learning and your voice is just uncovering.  Know what to look out for, how to spot it fast and fix it immediately.

Play with styling tools & get pro performance training

Get to the joy of singing FASTER with professional level performing skills to make every mistake invisible to your audience while having more fun every time you grab a mic.


What Our Singers Say

The Command Sisters-New Artist of the Year
Elijah Tadema, pro singer/performer
Copellia Acavedo
Restoration Highway Band
Gregory & Sarah Kush, recording artists
Kirk Shiffelbein
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Single sessions are perfect for any deadline driven vocal or speaking goal.

(some goals may need more than one session)



Not sure IF you have vocal damage? Book a single session first to find out.

Feeling like your voice is beyond repair?  Watch Kim’s story about recovery from complete vocal cord prolapse.

*Building a reliable, great voice is no different than mastering a sport.  You can get all the tips in the world, but without a qualified coach working with you on the field and enhancing your workouts you as you grow, it just doesn’t work.
For that reason, we do not recommend single sessions for vocal mastery.  Our monthly training programs include a discount for multiple sessions.
*Paid for the month on the 1st of each month.  Stay as long as you like, leave when you want with 30 days notice.  I’ll prepare a maintenance workout and plan so you don’t lose any ground.

Ready to learn what no one else can teach you?

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