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Because we serve an international client base, we are closed very few holidays: only three holiday weeks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (US)

 To best accommodate our international students we do not close for any other holidays.  If you prefer to take off during any other holiday, simply let your instructor know ahead of time that you'd like to reschedule that session.

Like most weekly training programs (sports, the arts, etc.) our holiday closing dates are prorated into our annual training schedule.  (ie, monthly rate x 12 months = annual rate for 52 weeks (1yr).  Annual rate divided by 49 weeks (one year minus 3 holiday closing weeks) = final monthly rate.
Regular training members who have been with us for at least 3 consecutive months before December 1st receive a gift certificate in December to give to any friend or family member good for a one hour vocal consultation.

Online training session quality depends on the speed of the connection on both ends as well as the quality of the equipment used (webcam, mic, etc.) The most common technical glitches will not cause a major disruption to your online training sessions.

If a problem occurs with the internet services providers on either end that cannot be overcome (power outage, equipment failure, etc.) your instructor may opt to offer you a rescheduled training session within 2 weeks of the session in which the technical issues occurred.

To ensure the best quality connection for your online training sessions please make sure your equipment and your connection is working before your lesson.




  • Close all programs on your computer except Skype and one internet browser page if you will be using YouTube to play karaoke tracks. Both online or computer based email programs should remain closed during your session.
  • Connect with a computer with a high speed wifi connection (cell based internet connections are not recommended for live video training)
  • If in doubt, check your connection speed here. A download speed of at least 4mbps is more than adequate.
  • If on an older computer (5 years+) or if your computer has been running slow, restart the computer just before your session.



Your payment covers the following month's training.  For instance, a payment made on June 1st covers 1 weekly training session through June 30th.

If your payment is not able to be processed, your time slot will be reserved for two weeks in order for the problem to be resolved.  Any unpaid sessions do not qualify for rescheduling.  Once your account is up to date your training will resume.

If you've decided to cancel your membership please click the tab above to view our cancellation policy.


Both canceling and rescheduling a scheduled training session can be handled by texting or emailing your instructor.

What happens if I miss a session and tell you 24+ hours ahead?

No problem.  You can choose to forego your missed session or reschedule it within 2 weeks of the cancelled session.  


What if I don't give you notice?

Missed sessions without 24hr. notice do not qualify for rescheduling

But life happens.  If you have a last minute conflict such as a family emergency or major illness, just text your instructor.  These sessions can be rescheduled at the coaches discretion.  

Private training at The Voice Club is provided only to a select few.  To respect those who are waiting for an opening and to respect the time of our instructors, please let us know if you have inadvertently missed a session.


What if miss a couple sessions and forget to tell you?

Option 1:

**if two or more sessions are missed without explanation, your session time slot will become available to other students.  Billing will continue until cancellation notice has been provided but you will need to check in with your coach to see if they want to move you or take option 2:

Option 2:

If you have missed two or more sessions without communication your coach can elect to remove you from training.  *If an instructor removes you from the training program you will receive an email which will serve as your 30 day cancellation notice.  So...just communicate.



If you become sick less than 24hrs. before your scheduled session please text your coach.  (calls are not answered during training hours)

Option 1: your coach will determine if they're able to make a make-up session available.

Option 2: If you're not too sick to sing, you can go ahead. attend your session and to learn how to sing sick (which you WILL need to learn if you plan to sing regularly)  


How do I know if I'm TOO SICK to train?

If you have a fever over 100 degrees we will not train you. It is potentially damaging to the voice to train with a fever.  We will offer a makeup session within 2 weeks of the missed session.

If you do not have a fever your voice is medically fine to train.    It's actually a benefit to train so you can learn how to deal with problems in the voice due to allergies, colds and other basic illnesses.


IT IS YOUR CHOICE whether to train or not if you're ill, but not 'untrainably ill'.  Talk to your instructor to learn more.



If your instructor is scheduled for a vacation or other prescheduled absence  they will let you know well in advance so that you can makeup any sessions you would miss before they leave.

If your instructor becomes ill, you will be notified via text and/or email.  Your instructor will work with you to reschedule your session within 2 weeks of the original session date.


Many of our past students return to The Voice Club in the future.

To cancel your contract simply text or email your instructor or email director@thevoiceclub.com.  Include the student's and instructor's name as well as the training program in which you are enrolled. Cancellations require 30 days' notice.  This allows time to process your cancellation, update instructor training schedules and reschedule any members currently on a waiting list for new openings. 


We look forward to helping you develop skills for your transition

Just like stopping an intense gym workout program, stopping your vocal training can slow or stop your vocal progress. We use your last weeks to design a special exit workout with tips and go to exercises that have proven to work the best for you to help your voice stronger longer.

It's in your benefit to attend all training sessions that have been paid for.  For example: If you emailed the studio with your 30 days' notice on the 3rd of the month, that month's training has already been paid for.  You'll be on our schedule until the 1st of the following month so take advantage of every session to get the most out of your transition plan.


We remain committed to both you and your voice.  Feel free to email any of us with questions about your voice.

If you must leave, we'd love to see you again too!



If you do NOTHING but show up to your sessions and do the custom workouts we give you a measly three times a week, research proves you’re still going to grow faster than you ever have before.  (We know this because of our extensive research training moody, hormonal teenagers.)
But what if we could guarantee you could grow even FASTER than that?!
Here’s all you have to do:

1.  Ignore everything you’ve heard, tried or studied about your voice.

We’re about to take your brain on a trip and upload a ton of brand new ‘how to’ information through a back door.  Most of the time your brain won’t even see it coming.  But if you find your brain is dragging you back to comparing the new to the old, it slows down the upload of new information.
NEVER HAD SINGING LESSONS?  You have NO idea how ahead of the game you are because of this alone!

2.  Trust blindly.

Hey, we actually LOVE a skeptic.  It makes it so much more fun for us when they get their first ‘ah-HA!’ moment.  But if you keep the skeptic in your brain asleep, you’re going to get to your first ‘ah-HA!’ moment sooner.
This is because your brain’s job is to rationalize and compare.  Until your brain see’s a result from new information, it tends to get stuck in an analyzing sequence.  BUT, if you turn the skeptic off. you’re able to get from concept (‘do this’) to proof (‘wow!  I FELT/HEARD that!’) much faster.  Then the skeptic is satisfied anyway!

3.  Be bold & embrace the ugly.

You are about to make more weird, sometimes downright mentally painful sounds in your training.  Just accept it and go big.
Why would we do this to you when you’re trying so hard to sound GOOD?  So your brain won’t see it coming and label it ‘add to vocal instruction database’.
That’s where your brain also files bad habits and the things that are KEEPING you from discovering your best voice.  We’re going to rebuild the whole singing server in your brain with a new language. (nod to my coding friends.  That’s literally as techie as I get.)

4.  Play ‘what if’

This is especially great for natural skeptics and anyone having a hard time ‘unplugging’ from what they’ve learned before.
Throughout your week as you think through what you’ve learned, TEST IT!  
“If what my coach said about X, than I should be able to do Y and have Z happen.”  
Boiling your training down to the common denominators does two things: it allows you ask higher quality questions (when it doesn’t do what you expected) and automatically creates a ‘cheat sheet’ in your brain (when it does).

5.  Watch the videos below

Come ‘on…you saw this one coming, didn’t you?

They should start you questioning a few things.  Ask those questions at your first session and we can get an even faster start training that brain!

Our mission is to answer your questions in a way that you can UNDERSTAND it.

Then when you just begin to believe it’s possible, we’ll show you how to DO it.

And as you HEAR and FEEL what you’re voice can actually do, there will be a whole new world of questions you never knew to ask.

Because for the first time, you’ll know that you can MASTER it.


Let’s GO!


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