voice painIs there something wrong with my voice?
The Voice Club’s speech therapist Chelsea Roberts has a great list of symptoms that your voice could be in trouble.
As a speech therapist, there are several things I listen for when evaluating a new patient. Most of the warning signs I listen for are also signs you would recognize as well! It does not always take an expert to identify a concerning sound but does usually take an expert to treat the disorder. Below is a list of ten vocal symptoms that may require attention from a speech therapist.

1. Pitch breaks
2. Phonation breaks (voice completely cuts out for a second)
3. Increased vocal fatigue as the day progresses
4. Harsh vocal quality (raspy, gruff, etc…)
5. Low pitch
6. Frequent laryngitis
7. Frequent throat clearing or coughing
8. Inappropriate breath support (odd breathing patterns)
9. Obvious vocal and/or neck tension
10. Reduced loudness or vocal range

If you hear these symptoms in your voice while signing or talking it may be time to request a referral from your primary care physician for an evaluation by a licensed speech and language pathologist.
Good luck and happy singing!

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