Becoming a Power Team:What your worship leader wished you knew

What makes a great worship team?
I’ll explain
• HOW we create a great BLEND
• a professional singers look at what a LEAD SINGER and a BACKUP SINGER really are
• a Vocal Quick Win TIp to CHECK YOUR BLEND,  and
• how to use this series to revolutionize your worship team…even if you’re the only singer who wants to.
Team work, Blending, and being a professional level singing team member, in this episode of the 2020 Worship Singer Training Series from vocal coach Kim Snyder /The Voice Club.

Make worship better and more fulfilling through this live worship workshop for singers:
Episode 1: Naked Worship-the private worship that revolutionized my view of public worship
Episode 2: Confidence – how to avoid worship fails with proven steps for true confidence, shaky notes and nerves on the platform (Holy Holy Holy hymn)
Episode 3: Connection – bringing new life into corporate worship: 6 step professional singers plan to make the most impact in every song
Episode 4: Vocal Control – why notes fall apart or start weak & how to get and control vibrato at any age that creates a beautiful blend
Episode 5: Vocal Power – Singing strong without pain, the difference between volume and power, the #1 power note killer, 2 powerful strain stoppers (Way Maker)
Episode 6: Becoming a Power Team – the roles of leader, lead and background singer and what you’ll never hear at a worship conference, & defining expectations as a singer

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