Should I Quit Singing? Pro singing tips you need to know WHEN (not if) your confidence tanks

Should I Quit Singing? Pro singing tips you need to know WHEN (not if) your confidence tanks


  • Learn how to avoid the soul-crushing boomerang
  • Discover new ways to ‘get out there and sing’
  • Hear our super-unique solution to every possible argument you’ve probably ever had for NOT singing.
  • Find out how to move from wishing you were singing to DOing it NOW!

Singing tips no one tells you for when your confidence is tanking

It never feels like it, but every singer feels like quitting if they do it long enough. 

It doesn’t matter how many singing lessons, tips, training, even performing you do.

The truth is that the more we THINK, PRACTICE, DREAM about singing….and if we do that considerable more than we actually SING, will wear on your confidence.

It’s easy for me to tell you to ‘get out there and sing’.  But sometimes, fear and insecurity can KEEP us from seeing the amazing amount of opportunities that are just waiting.

And the more you take, the more you get to experience the JOY of singing.

Sure you’ll still think about what you want to improve.  But that little voice in your head will shrink back into the tiny nag it should be.



STOP asking “am I good enough”!

Think of it this way:

Will I ever be the best singer in the world?


But you CAN do something that literally NO other singer on the planet can do:

Sing with your uniquely created set of vocal cords to make notes with the kind of timber, tone and texture that literally only you can!

So QUIT trying to sound like other singers!

Can some singers sound like other singers?

YES….but….(BIG BUTT)….

  • Why would you want to settle for being a cheap knock-off of someone else?


  • In order to make your unique voice sound like someone else’s unique voice, you have to manipulate, many times causing bad habits that lead to vocal damage


  • And even if you succeed…what you LOSE in the process is the ability to recognize and develop YOUR unique sound.

“Talent Shows”…AREN’T actually TALENT SHOWS

THEY’RE CASTING CALLS to find certain looks, sounds, etc that fill out a ‘cast’ combination that a show needs to better ratings.


Nothing wrong with that.  Really.

As long as you remember (and this is super hard to do) that a rejection is only saying they either already casted a role you’d fit or the’re not casting what you have.

Actors do it every day.  Sure it’s a bummer if you don’t get cast.  And, yes it can feel devastating if you’re sure you were perfect.

But they TELL actors that it’s not the PERSON that isn’t validated, they just weren’t cast for a PART.

It’s time we tell the SINGERS too!


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