How do YOU sing The National Anthem? – The Voice Club

Here are some take away tips you can use to start singing (and styling) better…faster!
  • Sing the STORY, not the song
  • Don’t copy what you’ve heard unless & until you’ve asked yourself WHY you’re doing that thing you’ve heard
  • There will always be someone who sings better than you BUT no one can tell a story from your perspective but you
  • Even if you could copy perfectly, why would you want to be a ‘good sound-alike’ when you could be the original?
  • Styling tools (trills, runs, big hold notes, dynamics, power, etc.) are bling without substance  if you don’t why you’re using them
  • Just because someone else does something cool somewhere in a song does not mean that’s the only great thing to do there: find something that highlights YOUR voice.


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