6 Singing Lies from TV's Perfect Harmony

6 Singing Lies from TV's Perfect Harmony

“The #1 reason you don’t already sing better” was on full display in this season’s new comedy Perfect Harmony.

And I can’t leave you NOT knowing what you should ignore.

So here they are.

EVERYONE asks me what I think of different singers on X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, etc.

And it’s usually a little disappointing when I tell them I don’t watch.

But it’s because i CAN’T watch.  (If you haven’t seen/listened to ‘My Story’ this is really weird to explain)

But because of my extremely ‘unique vocal ‘situation’ I have been left with EMPATHETIC VOICE SYNDROME.

When a singer does something unhealthy  or anything that keeps them from singing better,

I don’t just see it,

I don’t just hear it

I literally FEEL IT. 

Not just that, but I watch so called ‘coaches’ dumping more problems on singers than they had when they got there. 

Plus, it’s super frustrating to know that singers have no way to really understand what’s really happening.

So in theory, a sitcom about a community choir seemed relatively safe….

But then I thought about YOU watching this show.  And….I just can’t NOT tell you this.


Chances are you’ve heard all six of these bad singing tips before. 

You’ve probably tried them all if you’re not still trying to do them all RIGHT NOW.

That’s because they’ve been AROUND longer than any other singing advice.  And unfortunately we’re still regurgitating them DECADES after science proved them wrong.

The TRUTH is that not a SINGLE one has ANY ANATOMICAL impact on making you sing better….in FACT…they create OBSTACLES to KEEP you from singing better in the first place.

Listen to this episode of The Voice Club Podcast to find out what they are….and what you should REALLY do with them.



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