Ban Boring Worship-2 pro tools to create dynamic worship plus “What a Beautiful Name” walkthrough

Ban Boring Worship-2 pro tools to create dynamic worship plus “What a Beautiful Name” walkthrough


  • What the music industry knows about you that uniquely qualifies you to make your worship music better (seriously!)


  • I’ll confess what really happens when singers/musicians are paid to play at church & what you have in common


  • Why ‘singing it like the mp3’ is bad advice


  • Learn 2 powerful professional tools to make a massive difference- even if you’re the only one who does it

How do you sing a song your so tired of?

After our 10th move, my husband and I were recently back to ‘church shopping’.  Which, admittedly, is a little weird for singers, musicians, pastors..and vocal coaches..

But it was a humbling reminder of some the mistakes I’ve made in worship teams past. (I guess I got two messages for every service.)

It’s so easy to judge from the seats but it’s another story to be the one on the platform singing that song you never really liked for what seems like the hundredth time in one team rotation.

It was like God shouldered me with a wink as He reminded me of the worship rehearsal where He changed my view of singing in the church forever.

I’ll tell you what I learned about authentic worship, being a great team singer and a better worship leader in this video.

Does God really like my worship?

You don’t have to be a worship leader to make a big difference in the quality of your teams worship. (but there are bonus tips in here for you if you are).

But even if you have ‘the title’ (& a bevy of worship conference lanyards) we will always have the tendency to get distracted and…dare we say…bored…with some of our worship songs…or sets.

It’s only human.

The problem is, when we let it get the best of us we miss an incredible opportunity to be used by God. 

We don’t have to.

I’m gonna share the worship rehearsal that God used to change my entire view of how I approach singing in the church. 

It was a huge wake-up call.


What bad cover bands and many worship teams have in common

If it weren’t enough to fighting our humanity, living in this time in history brings additional barriers to authentic worship that we’re not even aware of.

Our passive exposure to very active ‘music industry’ plays a huge part in what comes between our heart for worship and that microphone.

In this episode, I’m going to take you behind the curtain of the radio and music industries & expose the part they play in making us bored fast.

But no worries!

As it happens, the backside of everything they’ve used us for has caused the entire generation to develop a unique musical expertise.

 And I’ll show you how to put it to use on your worship team and completely change how you communicate the passion you’re up there to share.


If I knew as a new worship leader what I know now as a vocal coach

…I would’ve told every singer I worked with this: Even a new singer in a small church can contribute to a worship rehearsal to improve how our music connects with people.

And then I would show them how.

So here it is…for every worship leader and team singer.


The ONLY 2 WAYS to get  that ‘breathy’ ‘airy’ sound in worship without hurting your voice


…and anything but boring.

There are two tools I developed out of my professional experience and that hugely convicting experience.

In this video I’ll tell you what they are and show you how to put them in action.

Then I’ll walk you through a badly chosen key of Hillsong’s “What a  Beautiful Name It Is” and show you the process so you can use it faster.


All of us can make a bigger difference in our teams. 


If this inspires and serves you, pass it on to every worship singer you know so we can all continue to excel.


Please let me know what you think and share with me what you’ve done or learned along the way!


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