It’s cold… the nights are drawing in… you just don’t feel like going out…
I know how you feel! It’s tough to get motivated when you feel like hibernating. But for singers, the truth is simple: singers SING. If you’re not singing somewhere, can you really call yourself a singer?
But I don’t know where to look!
Christmas is a great time for singers. There are so many opportunities to get out there and sing, whether it’s a carol service, Christmas party, or simply grabbing a couple of friends and going door-to-door singing carols. Look around your local neighbourhood – chances are there’s a community choir or amateur dramatic society who could really use an extra voice. Church worship teams and choirs are crazy busy this time of year – why not offer to help with a carol service?
Check your local newspaper for upcoming events – there’s bound to be a whole host of opportunities for you to go and bring joy to the world (or at least your street) with your voice.
But surely I can’t make a difference?
Christmas is a time for charity, and thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves – how about volunteering to sing at an old people’s home, or community centre? You’ll be amazed how much of a difference a simple song can make to someone who is lonely, or far away from home over the holidays.
But I don’t have anyone to help me!
 Ok, I know it’s a bit scary to start something on your own, but you have two things on your side:

  1. Goodwill to all men (and women)

Most people are in the Christmas spirit at this time of year, and even those who aren’t will appreciate that you’re doing your part to spread some Christmas cheer. In a nutshell, it ain’t festive to heckle or pelt innocent singers with rotten tomatoes. If there’s ever a time of year when you’re most likely to find an appreciative audience, this is it.

  1. Karaoke tracks

Nowadays you really don’t need much technology to create a whole one-person show. An ipod, some speakers and a few karaoke tracks (plenty are available for free or very cheaply) and you’ve got yourself a festive gig! It really is that simple – but if you’ve got a willing friend with a guitar/accordion/tin whistle that’s great too.
So what are you waiting for? Get out there and sing!

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