“Singers sing!” It’s been my mantra for as long as I can remember. And I have to admit to having been confused by singers I’ve met in the past who aren’t, well, singing. “Isn’t that what singers do?” I thought.

Maybe I get it now. After just recently getting back on my feet after a year long medical recovery, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I would get back out there and start singing again. But it’s different this time. I’m pretty sure it’s directly related to one of the very few things I remember from my science class; a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body NOT in motion tends to think of excuses to stop them from ever getting started. Ok, I don’t remember it EXACTLY, but the premise is the same!

It IS harder to get out there and get singing if you’re not doing anything. It’s especially challenging if you have moved to a new place or don’t know anyone involved in the local music scene.

But here’s the BEST news: once you get started, you’ll find more opportunities to sing and the momentum will start to carry itself; as long as you don’t STOP!

I am now the proud owner of more new audio equipment than I need to get out there and start singing again. I’ve bought resources and done research on my next project, but I’ve found it’s way harder this time to just kick my own butt out the door and start SINGING again. So if you’re stuck, I so empathize!

Do you sing? Do you miss it? Then there are no more excuses!

Here are some ideas to get your ball rolling again:

Not ready to solo yet?

  • Join an ensemble, team or choir at your church
  • Join a community choir or musical theater group
  • Check your local chamber of commerce and parks and rec department for group singing opportunities that are open to the public

Confident in your ability but not sure where to start?

  • Check craigslist for bands in your area looking for singers
  • Get some karaoke tracks, a mic and a small powered speaker and volunteer to sing community centers, malls, community celebrations, fairs and festivals  (just call to see who to talk to and record yourself singing a couple songs at home so you can prove you can sing)
  • Record yourself singing the Star Spangled banner and submit the audio to your local sports teams.  Even major league baseball team require little more to consider you for the slot.  And you get in to the game free!
  • Audition for musical theater in the biggest city nearby every opportunity you get.  Even if you don’t get the part, the experience of preparing and auditioning will sharpen your skills
  • Offer to sing solos at your church
  • Put together a business card to sing at wedding and renewal ceremonies (with either karaoke tracks or an accompanist)

Know some other musicians?

  • Do a web search and see what restaurants/venues in your area hire bands that do the kind of music you like.  You only need a small acoustic group to get booked.  Put a set together, practice, record a couple of songs at home and start looking for bookings.  If you’re new, you probably won’t get paid, but the experience and the exposure just may get you future paid gigs.
  • Contact state fairs and community festivals.  Almost all have smaller side stages they try to fill with a variety of music (not usually paid, but great experience and exposure).
  • Make sure your musician friends know you’re looking for singing opportunities.  They will tell the other musicians they know and you might just be singing backup with one band one weekend and lead with another the next.   Remember, the lead singer is bound to go on vacation or get sick eventually, so scope out your favorite groups and learn the music so you’re ready when the opportunity arises.

So why aren’t you singing?  It’s time to get back in the game.

As for me, I’m off to sing some love songs at a local restaurant; me and my sexy, sexy mic that, no honey, I didn’t really need but makes me want to sing even more.

One gig leads to another.  And that’s how singers sing!

Share where you’ve been singing or make your pledge to get going right now in the comments section below!

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