We’re always telling you to get out there and sing.  But what if you don’t play an instrument?  Don’t have a band?  What a great opportunity!
In the member resource area and the blog you’ll find articles and tutorials that give you no excuse.  And to prove it I’m going to share with you a quick project I made myself do one Christmas when I was giving myself the same excuses (yes, we do that too).
Below are some acapella songs I recorded for a Christmas gift for family one year.  Some of them I ‘winged’.  The rest, I downright cheated on.  I’m going to show you how – and videos of the actual recording project in an upcoming blog post.
For now, here are a few songs from the project.  I made myself do it – you can too!  (Ask your Voice Club vocal coach to help you through preparing your own acapella project.  It’s what we do.)
It’s never too late.  Use GarageBand with this tutorial and get started!
Kim Snyder, director of The Voice Club
Merry Christmas!
– Kim Snyder, director, The Voice Club


 From the acapella project ‘Snow’


– Video coming on how I ripped off this song from ‘White Christmas’
Download this song

Mr. Grinch

– Video coming to show how Kris Farrow did the hard work and made this an easy song to do
Download this song

Mr. Santa

– A blatant rip off of “Mr. Sandman” but with very jolly lyrics
Download this song

I Wonder as I Wander

– Just followed the voices in my head on this one
Download this song

O Holy Night

– More following the voices in my head (there are many)
Download this song

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