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The Voice Club Vocal Bootcamp

If you book only one workshop, choose this one. 
 Available in person or via live webinar


**The Voice Club’s Vocal Bootcamp is a FREE WORKSHOP for all organized churches
(2hrs.) How to tell vocal tips from myths – and the truth about your voice almost no one knows.
In this fast paced, high energy workshop, we unlock WHY your voice won’t do that thing you want it to and teach singers (and non-singers) how to hear what’s going wrong in their voices.
Once you’ve been empowered with the knowledge we let you test your assessment skills as we use volunteers.  See if you’re right and watch Kim apply some quick fixes you can hear and apply right away!  (worship leaders – this is your chance to let your team see their potential, and that you’re human too – a great bonding time for all teams)
Requirements for In Person Workshop: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating for more than you expect.



Vocal Master Class

The Voice Club Method VOCAL MASTER CLASS

This fun, interactive and insightful Breakout is filled with actionable steps to start working toward your best voice immediately.  
All of our workshops are open for everyone to ask questions and receive actionable, results oriented answers and tips from certified vocal coach, vocal repair specialist & creator of The Voice Club Method, Kim Snyder.
In our highly unique Vocal Masterclass, we walk step by step through:
  • Just how much God created your voice to be able to do & what it can do RIGHT NOW
  • Continuing topics from Vocal Bootcamp, at a deeper level
  • How far apart scientific findings really are from the bulk of everything that’s taught about singing better
  • The PROOF of just how FAST your voice can improve
  • The ANSWERS to the questions that bug you most about your voice. 
  • Live vocal assessments with our special QuickFix Tips, everyone’s favorite part! 
Our approach is far from the same old tips and tricks popularized at worship conferences and typical vocal workshops.
The way we approach strengthening and repairing the voice is completely unique.  In fact, only 5% of instructors in the world have anything even slightly in common with our approach to growing singers faster and healthier.
That’s because The Voice Club isn’t a vocal studio.  We are a professional singers resource.  Our focus is to provide the highest level of vocal coaching from the singers perspective, in a way that’s easy to understand, quick to implement and completely empowering, so they’ll want to sing even more.
All of our content is custom designed to provide singers with the fastest results the voice can provide.
Because worship singers don’t have six months to train for only a hope to improve.
Maximum time for workshops is determined by your schedule.  We could do this for days and not run out of information….but because you must eat at some point, we won’t.
Requirements for in-house workshop: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.

Mastering the Stage (or the platform)

Mastering the Stage

This 1-2hr breakout covers effective communication with your audience of One and beyond. The education in this workshop will not only help singers and teams look more professional on the platform, but more importantly, it will give them control over the things that tend to unnerve us so we can remove ourselves as distraction to the worship of others.

Your personal worship is key to the success of a corporate musical worship experience. 
But nearly all singers, including leaders, say they are sometimes to always distracted from worship by a lack of comfort on stage or confidence with the tools available to them.
In this workshop, singers, leaders and tech teams will learn to approach any platform or stage with the same knowledge touring artists have. Gain the confidence to be more comfortable and remove obstacles to authentic worship.
It includes important technical information that will not only impact your comfort and ability to accurately hear yourself on stage, but also train singers to appropriately use the tools of the stage. 
As a professional audio producer, Kim shares secrets to working successfully with a sound person at any skill level.  Learn what you should be asking for to sound your best with any sound setup.
Then learn to use the tools of the stage to learn to effectively  setup your personal/team stage area to make you sound even better – no audio tricks needed!
In the 2 hour version of this workshop, we walk singers through using the tools live and give easy to use, quick tips to move from ‘ok’ to cohesive, confident and in control.
Essential for worship teams and very helpful for your tech team as well.

Requirements for in-house workshop: stage/platform, 2-5 mics with stands, monitors and speakers, sound board, keyboard, screen for video slides (your basic Sunday service audio setup minus band and video)

Vocal 911-keys to getting and keeping a trouble free voice

Vocal 911 

In over a decade of working with worship leaders and singers, we found that many singers in the church are headed for, or already have vocal damage and don’t even know it. 
What’s even worse, it’s actually pretty simple to avoid, if you have the right information.
A certified vocal repair technician, Kim Snyder changed her entire approach to repairing voices after having to repair her own voice twice after two separate medical situations left her dramatic injury and no hope of singing or speaking again.
Walk through the most common types of vocal damage, what causes them and how to avoid them. 
Plus, learn what few people know; how vocal problems can be repaired without surgery. Then, get real, usable answers to your vocal health questions in the Q&A section.
From raspy voice after a cold, to acid reflux to singing through a 2hr. concert two days before vocal node surgery, the Voice Club has helped singers & speakers move from the worst back to their best voice ever.
Requirements for in-house workshop: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.

Charting for Singers ONLY: (promise, you haven't seen this before)

Easy Charting for Singers – Unique charting methods to sing better, even faster!

Learn the official Voice Club Numbering System for singers (Essential for worship leaders).
Other charting methods were designed to help musicians, but hardly allow for the same benefit for singers.

Adapted from the charting system Kim Snyder designed and developed through years as a professional singer, The Voice Club’s Charting for Singers will help singers of any age at any level of musical knowledge to learn to memorize faster, chart and read their own parts and even chart all those last minute changes in a more efficient way so they can nail them by Sunday. 
No music reading required! 
For more advanced musician singers, learn to quickly and easily chart new melodies, ad libs, harmonies & other styling changes so fast you won’t forget AND in a way that makes it EASY for your singers to bring to life.

Requirements: 1 mics with boom stand, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.



  • Professional Studio Vocalist 62% 62%
  • Professional live vocalist 42% 42%
  • Pro lead vocalist for bands 48% 48%
  • Traveling with a family music group 25% 25%
  • Label Indie artist/songwriter 6% 6%


  • Professional Commercial Voice Talent 59% 59%
  • Radio Personality 27% 27%


  • Certified Vocal Coach 31% 31%
  • Certified Vocal Repair Specialist 27% 27%


  • Commercial Audio Producer 19% 19%
  • Music Producer 11% 11%


  • Team Worship Singer 67% 67%
  • Worship Leader 17% 17%
  • Interim Worship Leader 11% 11%


  • Classically trained 19% 19%
  • Rock/Pop Training 13% 13%
  • Sls certified 6% 6%
  • Voice Club Method Certified 23% 23%


  • Festival/major event EmmCee 31% 31%
  • Workshop & Conference Speaker 5% 5%

My passion is making high level vocal education available to singers at all levels.

My mission is to make sure every worship singer has access to this essential information that simply isn’t being taught anywhere else.

Vocal Bootcamps: for individual churches & workshops/conferences


Contact me to discuss how I can best serve your group and how to make it more cost effective than you’d think

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