Free Vocal Training for Worship Teams & Choirs




Find out WHY:

  • your voice doesn’t do what it wants
  • you keep getting stuck in your growth
  • ‘singing tips’ you trust are just myths



Exclusive information no one tells us that can literally change everything singers can really do.

Church vocal workshop professional vocal coaching for worship conference


Hour 1: Jaw Dropping Time

Learn the MYTHS behind the most popular singing advice we’ve all belived & the simple truth you’ve literally never heard. 

Interrupt.  Ask your questions & get real, medically proven advice you can actually prove in your own voice.


Using volunteers we’ll test what you’ve just learned and show you just how EASY it is to understand what your voice really needs.

Volunteers will get a free vocal assessment, the identification of their core obstacle and 1 Quick Win action step to start conquering it right away.

worship workshops for singers
worship conference speaker Kim Snyder


After we finish cramming a years worth of master level vocal education into 2 hours, we do what no one else does…

I will stay until every question is answered, every singer is motivated & no one ever wants to be a wall-flower again.

I’ve been blessed to have opportunities most singers don’t  like opening for major label artists like Sonic Flood and Superchick and even doing the label thing myself.

I’ve also been a worshiping singer my whole life: a team member, a worship arts leader and a worship leader.

I know what it’s like to feel like my voice is never good enough.

I also found that both pro’s & new singers have the SAME questions.

That’s what keeps us from being a bigger part of the highest purpose for a believing singer: vocal worship.

One bootcamp can change that.

Kim Snyder professional female vocalist

Kim Snyder

Master Vocal Coach, Vocal Repair Specialist, Creator of The Voice Club Method

Other Workshops & Conference Breakouts

Let’s Get REAL

Beyond authenticity & excellence to a heart driven desire to offer the sacrifice of praise. 

God’s design for our voices & how our response defines our church & our lives.

Tech Talk for Singers

What do you really ‘need’ in your mix?

An eye-opening look at how professional singers utilize their sound team, and real life skills to communicate to anyone so you can sound better than ever.

Dream Team Makeover

How do you take a team with extreme differences in experience and skill and make them a solid, high functioning machine quickly? 

We examine tools from music industry specialists and live show producers to make even strangers into a well oiled machine that enhances everyone and fuels the hunger to grow.

Learn to Team Sing Like a Pro

Leading, blending, & backing up are distinctly different jobs for a professional singer. 

Discover the surprising differences, how to instantly change roles successfully throughout a song and enhance the vocals of any team you join beyond what you thought what was possible.

Discounted mini-private sessions: 30min for $30

30 minute time slots are made available for mini vocal assessments & quick vocal solutions to attendees as host time allows.  Some hosts choose to cover the cost of these for their team.

Watch our 6-Video Series Training for Worship Teams

1. Naked Worship: how real is your ‘authentic’?

2. True Confidence as a Worship Singer

3. Freedom on Stage: What Connection Looks Like

4. Vocal Control: 100% Reliable notes & perfect Vibrato

5. Yelling vs. Power: unleashing your passion the right way

6. Power Teams: how 1 singer can improve the team dynamic

Reach out to request a bootcamp, workshop or complete vocal conference

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FREE Bonus Resources for Attendees:

  • A complete list of video training resources to address the most common problems worship singers encounter
  • A special, highly proven worship warmup video that will maximize every voice
  • A free email training series that will help singers take control of their own vocal growth

Offered nowhere else -Vocal Mastery is the system I developed to recover my voice twice and revolutionize other singers voices for over a decade. 

I’ve packaged it into an affordable, online video training format specifically to meet the needs of singers I cannot personally train.  It is made available only to Bootcamp attendees.

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